Experience the
legacy of flavor
with Herbal Isolates.

setting the gold standard for 
excellence since our inception in 1984.

Experience the
legacy of flavor
with Herbal Isolates.

setting the gold standard for 
excellence since our inception in 1984.

Founded in

Part of the
Synthite Group

Presence in
30 Countries

Dominates 60% of the Green pepper Export from India

About us

What started four decades ago as a promise to a European customer to come with a mild yet nuanced alternative to black pepper has now flourished into a trusted global value-added food ingredients powerhouse. Over the years, we have scaled new heights and swiftly expanded our product lines, but one thing remains unchanged – our steadfast commitment to quality.

Herbal Isolates, established in 1984 in the pepper growing belt of Kerala, is part of the Synthite Group – a name synonymous with value-added spice extracts and other natural ingredients used extensively in the global flavour and fragrance food industry.


KMA Excellence Special Jury Award for Manufacturing Innovation 2023

Award by IPC for Excellence in Value-Add Pepper Products 2020

Star Exporter – DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade)

Spices Board Outstanding Performance

State Pollution Control Board Award

Best Productivity Award from State Productivity Council

National and State Energy Conservation

Quality Assurance

Premium Raw Materials
with Full Traceability

Rigorous Quality Assurance
Throughout Processing

BRC and
HACCP Certification

Group Facilities for ETO,
Pesticides, 3-MCPD, L.A.B Testing

On-Site Protein Analysis
and Moisture Regulation

Backed by the Synthite, the global leader in spice oleoresin extraction
and export; Herbal Isolates has carved a niche for itself
among quality-conscious buyers. 

Why us

Nestled in One of India’s Largest Taste Parks.

Located at Synthite Taste Park, MOFPI supported Argo Processing cluster, spread across over 3 million sq. ft., is our state-of-the-art, ISO-certified, and HACCP compliant processing facility, headed by a team of qualified personnel with stellar technical and scientific knowledge that helps leverage expertise, equipment and product evaluation.

Backed by the Rich Heritage
of Synthite Group

Rooted in the lineage of Synthite-the world’s largest producer of value-added spices, with a history of over four decades in producing spices.

R&D Team

Research and Development has been a critical pillar of our organization, where our team has worked to identify the best raw materials and world-class processing techniques.

Uncompromising Commitment
to Quality

Our adherence to the rigorous guidelines set by the European Commission extends from sourcing raw materials and purchasing to production.

Manufacturing Facilities

Our best-in-class manufacturing plant, spread across 150,000 square feet, produces ingredients as per the strictest requirements for consistency, traceability, quality, and safety.

Adherence to Sustainable
Farming Practices

Our unique, sustainable agricultural model supports homesteads, mainly held by low-income farmers and tribals, who cultivate pepper alongside other vegetables and spices.

Extracting maximum value
from raw materials

By implementing our innovative processing technology, we extract the maximum possible value from the raw materials and minimize the amount of waste generated during the production process.