Green Pepper

This highly valued spice is milder, less pungent than black pepper, and soft to bite

Our Dehydrated Green Pepper is produced from premium quality fresh green pepper berries, which
are air dried, retaining their green colour and delicate flavour.

Our Product Offerings

Dehydrated Green Pepper

(Bulk density: 250 – 300 g/l | 300 – 350 g/ | 380 – 450 g/l)

Dehydrated Green Pepper
Steam Sterilized

Crushed Dehydrated Green Pepper

(Particle size ranging from 0.3 to 2 mm)

Organic Certified Dehydrated
Green Pepper

Dehydrated Green Pepper from the Farm
Sustainability Assessment Program

White Pepper


Fresh, unripe pepper berries are
handpicked directly from the vines.

The berries are meticulously washed
to remove all impurities.

They are then hygienically processed within
12-24 hours before the enzymatic activity can set in.

The berries are then air-dried, resulting in dehydrated
products that give them a longer shelf life

They can be reconstituted to their original colour
and shape by soaking them in lukewarm water.



At Herbal Isolates, our expansive production capabilities are a testament to our commitment to excellence and our readiness to cater to global demands.

As the world’s largest producer of Green Pepper and India’s foremost HVP producer, we take pride in our unparalleled capacities.

8700 MT/Year

• HVP & other spray dried products – 3000 MT
• Ground Spices – 2000 MT
• Green Pepper – 1500 MT
• Mustard Oil Cake – 2200 MT

1,00,000 sq ft

50,000 sq ft

70% Global Market Share
(Green Pepper)

• 2100 KW Power
• 13 T Boilers
• 300 KLPD ETP

Quality Assurance

Premium Raw Materials
with Full Traceability

Rigorous Quality Assurance
Throughout Processing

BRC and
HACCP Certification

Group Facilities for ETO,
Pesticides, 3-MCPD, L.A.B Testing

On-Site Protein Analysis
and Moisture Regulation